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Missing teeth can be replaced with implants. A tooth can be missing for many reasons including injury, periodontal disease, tooth decay and congenitally missing teeth. Implants not only help patients achieve their ideal smile again but improve overall oral health. How is oral health improved? Areas where there are no longer teeth present can cause premature bone loss, and the surrounding teeth may shift causing more problems with other teeth in the future. By placing an implant these two factors can be avoided.

An implant is designed to look and feel like a natural tooth and keep bone structure intact.  They are quickly becoming the treatment of choice for patients who are in need of a single tooth replacement because they do not affect any of the surrounding teeth. Once an implant is placed, minimal additional care is required beyond regular brushing, flossing and routine home care.

Many patients are unaware of the bone loss their jaw will incur after the loss of a tooth. This can lead to facial and speech changes over a period of time. A dental implant helps prevent bone loss. This can restore the facial and speech changes.

It is up to the doctor to determine whether or not a patient is a good candidate for implants. If implants are the best option for the patient, a treatment plan will be outlined and the process to getting a new and healthy smile begins.

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