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Teeth Whitening

For anybody who would like a white smile, teeth whitening is an option for everyone who has a healthy mouth! Marketing is beginning to outpace research, and for this reason it is important that you discuss with your dentist which whitening procedures are best for you.

Utlizing Zoom Whitening products, we have several options for patients looking to whiten their teeth. 

One option is to be fitted with custom bleaching trays. This process requires two appointments. Impressions are made at the first appointment and the bleaching trays and bleaching material are delivered at the second appointment. The patient continues the treatments at home until the desired whitening effect takes place.

Another option is to have an instant in-office whitening procedure performed by the dentist. This is a one time visit where the dentist applies the bleaching agent to the teeth and a curing light activates the bleaching agent. Regardless of the bleaching type, patients need to do touch up bleaching. Patients leave the office with a touch up kit to maintain the bleaching effect achieved at the office.

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